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Owner of Game-Smack, Jason plays everything that's possible. Goal of Game-Smack: Overhearing a stranger "Game-Smack? I've heard of that. It sucks!"

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard announced

Kalypso Media have announced a brand new game called Vikings: Wolves of Midguard.

Dragon Quest: Builders coming this October

Square Enix have announced that Dragon Quest: Buildings will be coming West this October.



TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan Review

Platinum Games are one of the most beloved Japanese developers on the planet. Their blistering speed and uncompromised action has won them fans all over and whenever they release a new game, fans are ready to scoop up whatever they may have ready for them. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroes in Manhattan is the third game developed by the studio and published by Activision and following the surpri...[Read More]

WRC 6 announced for October 2016

Bigben and Kylotonn Racing Games have released a brand new trailer for WRC 6 with the announcement that the game will release in October.

Riptide GP Renegade release dates announced

Developer Vector Unit has announced release dates for Riptide GP Renegade.



Dead Island Definitive Collection Review

The history of Dead Island is weird. Originally announced as a Ubisoft title, the game disappeared for years and was eventually re-revealed as a Deep Silver title. It was a game that was seemingly more popular for the emotional and stunning trailer than the actual game itself but it was successful in its own right. Even though the team have went on to create the fantastic Dying Light which is esse...[Read More]



Hard Reset Redux Review

It’s funny to think that DOOM has “brought back” the old-school shooter when developer Flying Wold Hog have been doing it or years. The developer is known for the upcoming and anticipated release of Shadow Warrior 2 but the team made an excellent Cyberpunk First Person Shooter back in 2011 in the form of Hard Reset. Now, five years later, the game has been released for consoles and PC with improve...[Read More]



Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Review

It’s been almost a decade since we last saw Faith in the City of Glass. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst brings back both Faith and the City of Glass but rather than it being a continuation, Catalyst acts more like a retelling of the Faith storyline and the world and despite its retelling, the same flaws in narrative and storytelling persist. The length of time between the two games have allowed some excell...[Read More]

Mirror Review

State of Decay 2 Review

State of Decay 2

Dead Rising 4 coming this year

Microsoft revealed that Dead Rising 4 is coming to Xbox One this year.

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