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Review: Fez (PlayStation Vita)


If you’ve followed the adventures of the developer behind Fez over the past year, it would a viewing on par with a soap drama; well, maybe not but it certainly was dramatic. After a sequel to Fez was announced, eventually a few online spats led to the developer Phil Fish cancelling the game and saying he’s leaving video games. While, nothing has really been said on the matter since, at least Fez has made its way to other platforms since and now the mind-bending platformer has made its way to PlayStation Vita and, after some time with the game, its rightful place.

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Review: Towerfall Ascension


It was the talk of the Ouya, its saving grace a lot of people said. The insanely tense Towerfall was the only good thing most people had to say about the Ouya upon release saying that it’s the one game that will drive sales. It wasn’t took long before news broke that Towerfall will be coming to other platforms, essentially putting an arrow into the Ouya and diminishing any reason to own the system any more. Now, Towerfall Ascension has come to the PlayStation 4 to ruin friendships with its multiplayer mayhem.

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Review: Dead Nation (PlayStation Vita)

dead nation

Dead Nation launched on PlayStation 3 in 2014 and eventually made its way to PlayStation 4 earlier this year as an upgraded version of the game titled “Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition” that was mostly visual upgrades with some little extras. For a while now, a PlayStation Vita version has been talked about and now suddenly its available and the results are rather good, even if its possibly the weakest version of the three.

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