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Review: A Wizard’s Lizard

Wiz 2

Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Developer: Lost Decade Games
Publisher: Lost Decade Games


A quick play of A Wizard’s Lizard will invoke a few things: familiarity, realization and anger. It’s not a bad game. It’s actually an alright game; it’s fun, colourful and interesting. But it’s not unique, it’s not standout and it’s a reskin of the early Zelda games.

This is a worrying trend that I’ve touched on many times while reviewing indie Steam games. It seems that the easiest route for developers on Steam is to take an NES classics provide a worse story and give it a HD makeover. I am sick of it! Guys, get a new idea. We already have games like this, they’re 20 years old.

The plot of this is that you’re a lizard of a Wizard. You have to fight thought dungeons and fight a series of differing monsters. It’s the most standard RPG thing ever!

Wiz 2

I did like the “Life & Death” dynamic. It adds a different feel to the game and is better than the standard life bar. However, this was done in Simon’s Quest and the woeful Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from the NES days.

You can pick from a range of lizards, if you like that thing; they are look the same. The controls are good, but so were the NES controls so that is not a major feat of design. Play this with your Xbox controller for best results.

Wiz 1

The music is worse than you can possibly imagine. Play this game with the sound off and to the best of the NES collections you can find on YouTube. It’s like a Megadrive being hit with a hammer and is woefully out of time.

Look, if you like your NES HD remakes then pick this one up. However, you’d be better served replaying The Legend of Zelda, Gauntlet, or The Binding of Isaac. These are credited as this game’s “influences”. Play them instead, ROMs are very easy to find.

I wish I could be less harsh on this one, but it’s true. These kind of games are a lazy, rushed annoyance. While a good game, it’s a samey game. It’s literally built on the mechanics of a game from my childhood. Why bother?

I am going to go back and play The Stanley Parable. That is a true achievement in design and creativity. This mess is not!

wizard lizard

Review: Sniper Elite III


Version tested: Xbox One

Following on from Sniper Elite V2, a remake of the original Sniper Elite, developers Rebellion have taken everything good about Sniper Elite V2 and implemented on every single one of them as well as addressing problems with its predecessor. Sniper Elite III is a celebration of many things: gore, carnage, sniping, but most importantly, freedom of gameplay. Rebellion have created a far better game than V2 that offers plenty of gameplay for the sniper in you.

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Review: Le Tour de France 2014

tour de francee

Version Reviewed: PlayStation 4

The most popular cycling race is the world may seem like a game would be the most boring thing in the world, especially when it aims to be an authentic experience. I mean, each race could last 150 km so that’s a few hours of holding R2 in the hopes to make it to the end. Surprisingly though, those of you who like the sport and want a serious approach to the sport may be more than happy with Le Tour de France 2014. However, everyone else may get bored off their bikes.

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Review: Farming Simulator 14 (PS Vita)


I know, it’s one of those things that you may just look past and move on. Some would joke that the Vita has such little support in terms of games that Farming Simulator may be a big get, and weirdly enough, it is, surprisingly. I don’t have a massive in-depth critique of that game simply because you probably know a lot about Farming Simulator and what it entails. Either way, the game kind of fits the form factor of the PlayStation Vita.

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Review: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition


They say a luchadore wears his heart on his sleeve every time he or she enters the ring. Guacamelee!  wears its inspirations on its sleeve, taking notable queues from old classics like the Castlevania and Metroid games. That’s not to say that Guacamelee! doesn’t have an identity of its own. Carefully trying to balance inspiration and individuality in a game can be very tough but developers Drinkbox Studios have managed to pull it off to create one of the best 2D exploration games in years.

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Review: EA Sports UFC


It’s been a few years since we last saw a UFC game grace our consoles but like the ground game, the series has had a bunch of transitions. New publisher, new developer, and a new generation of consoles have now come into play. With the team behind the Fight Night series at the helm, hopes are high. Unfortunately, despite it being a great looking game in terms of visuals and presentations, the gameplay and design is quite a let-down.

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