Early Access: Night Shift

In a world where the sun has gone missing, you are a lone driver in a custom muscle car that can illuminate the mystery. This is the concept of Night Shift, a new game in Steam’s early access program from Brandon Brizzi, an artist on Skull Girls and the developer

Preview: Toukiden: The Age of Demons

The Monster Hunter craze is very hard to replicate. The Nintendo exclusive games have been nothing short of massive in Japan as well as a growing following in the US. That does mean there’s no Monster Hunter on the PlayStation Vita, despite it being a better fit possibly on Sony’s

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta impressions

It’s been almost five years since the last time we walked a mile in Ghost Recon’s shoes and after numerous delays, the next game in the franchise titled: “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier” is almost here. Ubisoft launched a multiplayer beta for people on Xbox 360 who bought Splinter Cell: Conviction

Hands-off Preview: Crysis 3

It’s safe to say that I’m quite a big fan of Crysis. I remember playing the original game on my laptop chugging along at 13 FPS but I still completed it. It’s one of the only game franchises that make me feel like I’m playing more than just another shooter.

Hands-off preview: Medal of Honor Warfighter

When Medal of Honor was rebooted and released in 2010 it really felt like it was releasing just to add a little spice to the military shooter window against its competition. Although it sold well enough, it just didn’t resonate that well with critics and then eventually fans. Medal of

Hands-On Preview: Mass Effect 3

Keep your eyes on the sky because any minute now the reapers will be here to wipe out humanity. Mass Effect 3 is almost here. Throughout its showing of gameplay in the past year, some fans have been vocal about their worries when it comes to the core gameplay. Some

Preview: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

With a packed Q1, some games may find a hard time making its mark on consumers minds come release but one game that should be imprinted on your anticipation list is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The game brings with it a dream team of designers and creators. It’s vast and