Ryse: Son of Rome – Mars Chosen Impressions

Ryse: Son of Rome wasn’t the massive hit Microsoft were hoping with critics been mostly luke-warm to the title. It feels like a launch game, something you will show your friends and family to show the power of these new systems. Eventually, you’ll finish the game and move on. Microsoft

Beta Impressions and Preview: Titanfall

We’ve been hearing the hype since last year with only a small number of people having actually tried Titanfall but with the beta that just ended, hundreds of thousands, if not millions have finally got their grubby little hands on Respawn’s mech battling online shooter and outlook is good, very

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After essentially being the lonely lighthouse keeper for the last four years; having the occasional visitor has been nice but it’s time to have more people move into the lighthouse with me, or move out of the lighthouse to a house, or . . . OK so this analogy hasn’t